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Best Authentic Punjabi Restaurant in Bangalore

There is no crunch for the Punjabi bolne wale and Punjabi khana khane wale worldwide. Even when in the remotest corners of the world, it’s not impossible to find Punjabi food. And that’s why Bangalore, a city in south India, houses the best Punjabi Dhaba in Bangalore. Yes, you heard that right, Dhaba surviving amongst the crowd. If you haven’t heard about Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba even living for years in Bangalore, it’s time for an eye-opening session. Let me take you on the impeccable journey of CCDD and some of their best-served dishes.

From Where It All Started

It was 2009, almost 15 years back a group of market research professionals, considered opening their first flagship store in JP Nagar. All of it started when they felt a gap between the demand and supply of authentic North Indian food in the Silicon Valley of the country. Their directionless craving propelled them to be in the restaurant industry, opening the best Punjabi Dhaba in Bangalore. And the continuous result of their hard work and love for food can be seen in the seven branches they have opened.

Testimony of Their Authentic Food and Services

101,130+ online reviews and numerous food industry awards testify to their dedication and endless love for food. The biggest to date they received was the Owlers Award for ” The Best North Indian Restaurant, Bangalore 2020″. Besides this, they have made it to the ‘ET F&B Leaders 2021 list, which many only dream of but only a few achieve.

Prestigious “Times of India group” honored them with “Iconic Dhaba Themed Restaurant 2020”. The Grub& Dine Food Awards by Red FM 93.5 is another feather in their cap, added in 2023. Along with the awards they are privileged with, numerous newspaper articles claim them the best “Punjabi restaurant in Bangalore”.

What is so special about their Ambience?

Dining in a compact place is something most people dread about. Today, it’s not everything about food it’s about the aura also. If you don’t like the place, you are less likely to enjoy the food. And being the best Punjabi restaurant in Bangalore,their vibe with an esthetically designed, classy yet youthful desi ambience is to die for.

As you enter the place, it welcomes you with authentic lanterns, red walls and bamboo blinds. It’s not about just one branch; they have managed every branch to look equally appealing. Although there can be a difference in the number of seating, there is no compromise in the vibe this place has and the food. The Open Kitchenconcept is what appeals to everyone the most.

That means you can observe your food getting cooked in this Punjabi Dhaba in Bangalore,unlike other restaurants. The seating area is covered with colourful party bunting flags (Jhandi) and an authentic set-up, including Charpoi, Moodah seating, Shiny home-like steel utensils and the ever-smiling staff.

Their 2 Best-Served Dishes from Time Pass Section

1. Baby Corn Manchurian

This Indo-Chinese Fusion, the bite-size baby corn coated with a thin batter of corn flour, and seasonings. Then they are fried to crispy and tossed with a flavourful Chinese sauce, is a classic street food. An ideal starter recipe, this is one of their best-served dishes to start your meal with. If you have always loved Gobi Manchurian, trust us, you will love this dish more than that. This dish takes the classic to new heights, with a delightful balance of crispiness and a delectable spicy kick that will leave you craving more. And you will rarely see any Punjabi Dhaba in Bangaloreserving this tastier starter than CCDD.

2. Lemon Chicken

This refreshing blend of boneless chicken pieces coated with a thin layer of batter and fried to such a perfection that the chicken is crispy from outside yet juicy inside. And then tossed with a specially crafted spicy lemony chatpata sauce makes an ideal starter option for non-vegetarians. This little tangy, hot and full-of-flavors recipe makes CCDD the best Punjabi Restaurant in Bangalore.It is a go-to starter option while visiting a restaurant or even at private parties. You can take this with an ice-chilled glass of your favourite soft drink to enjoy it to the fullest.

Their 2 Best Served Dishes from Main Course

1. Dal Tadka (With Desi Ghee)-

Punjabi Dhaba in Bangalore Gaye or Dal try nahi ki to kya kiya. This one is everyone’s favourite, whether vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian. This heart touching flavourful comforting dish is probably prepared almost every day in every north Indian home. Perfectly cooked toor dal blended with flavourful spices and tampered with desi ghee and crispy jeera, chopped garlic and red chilly, is served best with piping hot fluffy phulkas.

This combination gives such a homely feel that you can’t resist eating. Order a plate full of green salad and Veg Raitha to make your plate even more wholesome. We bet you won’t crave “Ghar ka Khana” after dining in this Punjabi Restaurant in Bangalore.The place is Mom-Made Food alternative.

2. Chicken Angara

Chicken Angara is fiery red hot spicy, just like a fireball, hence the name. This mouth-watering dish, which has got and unique smoky taste loaded with flavors, is one of the best dishes that Chulha Chauki da Dhaba serves at their Punjabi Dhaba in Bangalore. Enjoy this with open flame Phulka (CCDD’s speciality), butter naan, or missi roti. A glass of chilled Kulhas Lassi (Sweet or Salty as per your choice) will give you the real Punjabi Dhaba Feel.


CCDD is the best Punjabi Dhaba in Bangalore for everything it serves and its unmatchable ambience. Regardless of where you live in the city, you will find a branch in your vicinity serving you the best North Indian dishes. Although you can order the food online, we strongly recommend dining in there for a Dhaba-style ambience as it’s not just about the food it’s everything a restaurant offers.

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