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Best Restaurant In Bangalore That You Must Try

My Food Funda has always been clear, ”Tasting the world, one dish at a time”. But, ever since I moved to Bangalore, I started craving for North Indian food more than ever. Homesickness hit me so hard that I couldn’t stop myself from finding the best restaurant near mefor typical North Indian Food.

After trying so many renowned North Indian restaurants, I was pretty sure that I couldn’t expect typical North Indian-style food while living in the South. However, I was sheerly mistaken before I found Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba and that too from my bossy boss. From a formal team lunch one year back to my second home (for mom-like food), there’s no looking back. Have a look over why I love every bit of this place:

Dishes You can’t Miss Trying at Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba

Being a North Indian, I have tried and tested every dish that almost all restaurants serve. However, when I scanned CCDD’s menu, I was awestruck. Here’s to the best dishes served in the best restaurant in Bangalore:

From The Starters Section

  • Harabhara Kabab-You must have heard of the dish if you are a core vegetarian. If you happen to visit here, being a vegetarian, start your meal with this delicacy. The outer covering is crispy enough, topped with a cashew. Besides the taste, almost 9g protein content is the icing on the cake.
  • Paneer Tikka-North Indian Khana Try kiya or “paneer Tikka” na Khaya to Kya Khaya? This ultimate starter treat is an assortment of cottage cheese and juicy and crunchy chunks of bell pepper, onion and tomato, marinated in in tikka masala which contains curd and spices like black salt, red chilli, black pepper, and ginger garlic paste, etc. If you are new to North Indian cuisine, this is a must-have. CCDD is the best restaurant in Bangalore for various mouth-watering tandoori dishes.
  • Lemon Chicken- If you prefer tanginess, go ahead with this recipe. For making a perfect lemon chicken, a chatpata, spicy and tangy lemon sauce is used for tossing spice-coated and fried boneless chicken chunks with various ingredients such as onion, capsicum, lemon wedges and many more spices. Its preparation takes time however; one can’t stop relishing this delicacy, time and again.

From The Main Course Section

While looking for the best restaurant near me,I was mainly concerned about the quality of the North Indian Main Course. Blissfully, I was lucky enough to get to taste CCDD’s best Main Course Items including:

  • Dal Tadka (With Desi Ghee)-Having dal for dinner was a ritual back home that I missed the most after moving here, but not now. Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba is the best restaurant in Bangalorefor North Indian Staple Food. If you want to enjoy a home-like comfort meal, get Dal Tadka with piping hot fulkas made on an open flame. I can assure you that you can’t get better fulkas than CCDD in any other restaurant.
  • Kadai Paneer-Coming from a typical North Indian Family, Kadai Paneer was more of a ritual on any occasion than just a meal. Unlike shahi paneer, which is on the sweeter side, kadai paneer is moderately spicy and includes capsicum and onion cubes, besides paneer. The paneer tastes delicious with thick aromatic gravy and is often enjoyed with fulkas or naan. You can complete your meal by adding a fresh glass of Kulhad salted Lassi. Also, CCDD serves the softest and freshest panner you will ever find.

Dishes That Made To Plate Again

I have been to CCDD so many times that I don’t have to explore the menu before ordering. However, during my last visit, I found some earlier discontinued dishes on the table menu. Some of my favourites from the recently added ones include:

  • Sawariya Kabab
  • Sawariya Chicken
  • Aloo Gobi (My favourite dry gravy with soft fulkas when craving home food).
  • Dum Aloo
  • Green Peas Masala
  • Methi Malai Matar
  • Lachha Paratha Made In Butter
  • Aloo Kulcha
  • Masala Jeera Rice

Why only CCDD than Other North Indian Restaurants?

It is indubitably the best restaurant in Bangalore not only for food but overall experience. Besides the food served, the ambience of the place is beyond expectations. Can you think of enjoying a highway side dhaba experience living in a city? Obviously not, witnessing the ever-increasing crowd in Bangalore.

I find it the best restaurant near me even when I need comfort during dining. Ditching the basic sofa chair concept, the restaurant has Moodah and Charpoi seating. As soon as you enter the place, a village-like vibe welcomes you. The food is served in steel utensils like at home, being hygienic and pristine.


No matter where you live in Banglore, Visiting Chulha Chuka Da Dhaba is worth every bite if you like North Indian Cuisine. They have been running seven branches at the moment including:

HRBR layout, Rajajinagar, JP Nagar, Brookefields, Mahadevapura, Sarjapur Road, and Indiranagar. You can find your closest branch by searching on Google Maps to enjoy the exquisiteness of their food. Weekends are usually packed, but they never disappoint you with their oversight. Even waiting times there are worthwhile considering the lively ambience.

Have a Blissful Dining!

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