You are currently viewing Taste the Flavors of Bangalore : A Culinary Journey through the City’s Best North Indian Restaurant

Taste the Flavors of Bangalore : A Culinary Journey through the City’s Best North Indian Restaurant

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Adversity breeds innovation, true said. It is what you would experience through this famous North Indian Restaurant’s culinary journey down the lane. Suppose you are craving food; what is the best you will do to extinguish your desire? Of course, surfing Swiggy Zomato will be the answer. But what if anybody advises you to open a restaurant? Don’t get perplexed because this is what the owners of Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba have done. They not only opened a restaurant but formed a chain of 7 branches all over Bangalore including:  

What Makes Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba Different?

With hundreds of restaurants serving almost identical menus, what makes this restaurant the best in the town? There’s no single aspect that counts but a list. Let’s find out the reasons for devouring at this restaurant in Bangalore for lunch/dinner: 

1. Delectable Food

What if you get whole wheat hot piping fulkas at a restaurant (not Mom-Made, but that feels homemade) with your favourite gravy? If I were asked, you could have found me at the place every day. And this is what Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba does to you when you visit for the first time. Their irreplaceable food quality makes you fall in love, especially when you love relishing North Indian cuisine. They serve different varieties of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes that can only be found in an authentic North Indian restaurant. And for those from North India, it’s a home away from home, where you are around food, love, and kindness.   

2. Dhaba Style Ambience

In a city of almost 14 crores, can you think of having a restaurant that delivers Dhaba Style Ambience? Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba provides a Highway Dhaba feel where you can experience traditional artwork, wooden furniture, dim lighting and earthenware. Their efforts to serve you the way typical Dhaba style definitely make the place different. The middle of the Charpois has a wooden plank to decorate the shiny steel utensils, with additional Moodah. The place has left no stone unturned to add swanky lights and greenery. It is one of the few restaurants in Bangalore for dinner or lunch with many plants under the same roof.

3. Hygiene Food Standard

The restaurant chain goes through rigorous food safety benchmarks to serve you the best. Consistent quality checks are ensured to uphold the highest food standards. Their kitchens at every branch follow regular disinfection routines to avoid any disappointment. Unlike typical dhabas, the utensils are immaculate and polished.

4. The Unique Open Flame Cooking

If you are deep into North Indian Food, you know the importance of open-flame cooking. And the best part is all the six branches of their restaurant have it. One can’t stop gobbling the soft fulkas made on Bhatti (open gas stove) with their favourite gravy. The taste of the fulkas lies in the details of their Bhatti. I guess everything in the other restaurants in Bangalore for dinner is replaceable, not this.

 A Glimpse of Dishes Served  

This north Indian restaurant in Bangalore for dinner has the most detailed menu. It is a haven for those craving authentic North Indian dishes. The aroma coming out of tandoors claims the taste maintained here. Let’s brief up their menu in the best possible manner:

  • Veg Starters- To embark on the food Experience, why not start with delicious baby corn manchurian, hara bhara kabab, or mushroom chilly? Their taste will enhance your hunger and lust to order more. 
  • Non-Veg Starters- For Non-Vegetarian lovers, there are chicken lollipops, chicken chilly, lemon chicken, chicken pepper fry and whatnot. An array of starters is on their menu to serve you the best. 
  • Veg Main Course- Their Vegetarian main course has a spectacular variety. It can be the best restaurant in Bangalore for dinner if you want to experience something unique. The Dhaba serves dishes such as Dal Tadka, Tawa veg, Baby Corn Masala, and Mushroom Masala. 
  • Non-Veg Mukhya Course- It’s a place to love if you appreciate authentic North Indian Non-Vegetarian. The restaurant serves dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Kadai, Chicken Lahori, and Chicken Curry. Every dish leaves an unforgettable impression. 
  • Kids Menu- Where would you find a menu that also prioritizes the kids’ choices? Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba is an exception. There is a dedicated Kids menu that caters to the taste of children including Time pass starters, main course and desserts. 

Nationwide Recognition Followed by Philanthropy

The restaurant has bought laurels at different platforms. They take extreme pride in getting recognition from CBIC, Ministry of Finance, ‘ET F&B Leaders 2021’, Owlers Award for “Best North Indian Restaurant’, and multiple reviews from the country’s leading newspapers. The brand further collaborates with an NGO as a part of CSR, and provides nutritious food to the needy regularly.

Taking Off

So, what’s stopping you from being at this restaurant in Bangalore for dinner? Pay a visit with your loved ones to experience the real culinary art that most restaurants fail to display. From food to ambience to service, everything is worth praising.

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