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Best Dine in Bangalore

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For the ultimate dining experience in Bangalore, look no further than Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba. Boasting a cozy and rustic atmosphere, this establishment offers a delightful blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian North Indian cuisine. From mouthwatering starters to flavorful biryanis and signature open-flame rotis, their menu caters to diverse palates.

The inviting ambiance, adorned with vibrant hues, rustic wooden furnishings, and traditional elements like charpais, sets the stage for a memorable dining experience. Let the captivating aromas from the kitchen transport you to the lively streets and roadside dhabas of North India, where flavors reign supreme. Don’t hesitate – visit Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba for a warm and authentic culinary journey.

Is visiting Chulha Chauki da Dhaba worthwhile?

Certainly, a visit to Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba is highly recommended for the following compelling reasons:

Desi & Elegant Touch to Every Occasion:

At Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba, we take pride in being the finest dining destination in Bangalore, ideal for friends or family reunions. Our Dhaba features a spacious layout, accommodating various group sizes to ensure that everyone can enjoy delectable meals in a warm and inviting environment.

Renowned for our authentic North Indian cuisine, Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba incorporates rustic elements such as earthenware and dim lighting, creating the perfect Desi and elegant ambiance. Our establishment embraces vibrant colors, wooden furniture, and traditional artwork, adding a cultural touch to enhance your dining experience. Come and experience the charm of our Dhaba as we invite you to indulge in the best of North Indian flavors amidst a cozy and culturally rich setting.

The Unique Open-Flame Cooking:

At Chulha Chauki da Dhaba, we are all about keeping it authentic in the kitchen. We are talking about traditional cooking methods with open flames, giving our dishes unbeatable flavor and authenticity. The method involves preparing fulka over a chulha, elevating the entire culinary experience. The secret to the soft and fluffy texture of our fulka lies in the meticulous care we take in the Bhatti.

Delicious Dishes to Taste Buds at Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba:

Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba is a culinary haven known for its delectable North Indian cuisine. From aromatic tandoori delights to rich curries, every dish is a flavorful journey that brings water to your mouth. Let’s know the enticing menu that awaits you at our authentic dhaba.

1. Veg Starters

Embarking on a culinary journey at Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba begins with the delightful choice of starters. Our menu boasts an array of tempting appetizers, including the ever-popular baby corn chilly, mushroom chilly, aloo chilly, and harabhara kabab, ensuring a perfect start to your dining experience. Selecting a starter is not just a choice; it’s the opening act of a flavorful adventure curated exclusively for you at our Dhaba.

2. Non-Veg starters

Indulge in a tantalizing selection that includes chicken chilly, lollypop chilly, chicken pepper dry, lemon chicken, and more. Our Dhaba takes pride in presenting a flavorful array of chicken starters, each crafted to perfection and designed to set the stage for a memorable dining experience. Choose from our enticing chicken starters for a taste that will leave you craving more.

3. Tandoori starters ( Veg and Non-Veg)

Tandoori starters are a flavorful array of Indian appetizers traditionally cooked in a tandoor, a clay oven. The dishes in tandoori start with veg such as paneer tikka, veg sheek kabab, and stuffed mushroom tikka. In non-veg, Tandoori starters are chicken tikka, Bhuna kabab, tandoori kabab, and chicken kabab.

4. Veg Main Course

Veg gravy is a flavorful sauce made from a variety of vegetables, spices, and sometimes herbs. Let’s know the dish Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba serves: The Dhaba serves dishes such as Tawa veg, veg kadai, baby corn masala, veg Kolhapuri, and mushroom masala.

5. Non-Veg Mukhya Course

For all you non-vegetarian enthusiasts out there, rejoice! Our Dhaba caters to your cravings with a tempting array of dishes. Indulge in our flavorful offerings, featuring delights such as chicken curry, tawa chicken, chicken tikka masala, chicken kadai, chicken Lahori, and more. At Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba, we satisfy your love for non-vegetarian fare, ensuring each dish is a culinary masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression. Join us and savor the diverse and delectable world of chicken delights crafted exclusively for you.

6. Dhan Ke Khet Se (Rice)

The dhaba serves plain rice, jeera rice, veg pulao, peas pulao, veg fried rice, chicken fried rice, and more.

7. Basmati Ka Kamaal

In Basmati we serve dishes such as chicken biryani, veg biryani, mushroom biryani, egg biryani, and biryani rice.

8. Kids Zone

We have a dedicated menu for children, featuring time pass starters, main courses, roti, rice, and desserts tailored to meet the unique preferences of kids.

9. Hygiene food standard

Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba implemented rigorous hygiene measures to establish a clean and secure dining environment for everyone.

The commitment that we maintain for exceptional standards such as follows:

1. Conducting consistent quality checks to ensure that our food follows the strictest safety benchmarks. Regular tests are performed to uphold these high standards and guarantee the utmost safety of our food offerings.

2. Adhering to stringent sanitation guidelines throughout our premises. Our kitchen and dining areas undergo regular and thorough cleaning and disinfection routines to uphold a hygienic space for our guests.

3. Implementing careful and detailed food handling practices in our daily operations. From proper storage techniques to food preparation, we prioritize safety and ensure that ingredients used in food have the highest standards and take care of food safety.


Embark on a delightful North Indian culinary journey at Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba, where we take pride in offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our layout is designed to accommodate various group sizes, ensuring a perfect setting for friends and family reunions. The restaurant seamlessly blends a desi and elegant ambiance, creating a unique and welcoming space.

What sets us apart is our commitment to traditional cooking techniques, exemplified by our unique open-flame method for preparing fulka. This method imparts an unbeatable flavor and authenticity to our dishes, showcasing our dedication to preserving culinary traditions.

Our extensive menu caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences, featuring flavorful tandoori delights and rich curries. At Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba, we invite you to embark on a delectable journey, where every dish reflects our passion for delivering an authentic and unforgettable dining experience.

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