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Best Restaurant in HRBR Layout

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You don’t need a silver spoon to eat food but a nice restaurant. Connected to National Highway 44, Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba houses the best North Indian cuisine in the HRBR layout. The place is a hub for authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. If you slip by, don’t miss a chance to dig the scrumptious food around.

Have a glance through why we find it the best restaurant in HRBR layout:

● Essence of North Indian Food

The popularity of North Indian Food isn’t restricted to the nation. Visit a European country, and you will find North-Indian food. Even the remotest places in the world serve the food we enjoy in the comfort of our homes. Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba not only claims to be the best restaurant in the HRBR layout but also demonstrates it. The chefs here are well-trained to deliver the authenticity of North Indian Food. Dishes made without any artificial colour and the needed balance of spices deliver the rare tanginess of the ingredients used. From Biryani to Tikka to Lassi, you name it, and the restaurant serves it. And don’t worry about the quantity of ghee used; health for them comes first. A mindful compilation of oils is there, adhering to a balanced diet.

● Delicacy of Non-Vegetarian Food

The specialty of North-Indian food lies in Non-Vegetarian. Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba is one of the best Non vegetarian restaurants in HRBR layout. The restaurant serves more than a hundred items from the non-veg section. From chicken Biryani to Bhuna Kabab, every dish has a story to tell. And the best part is that you can customize spices in your meals as per your taste buds. The chicken cooked is buttery soft, and fresh, unlike other eatery joints. You can enrich your overall food experience by adding ghee fulkas with the different gravies. The Taral Pey Padart (Drinks) have multiple options to complete your main course meal.

● Quality Food

Serving for years, the well-fired food of the restaurant meets the top-notch quality standards. Although it is a dreading task to give your word, this restaurant in HRBR layout deserves a thumbs up. The freshness of masala buttermilk with a few spices loaded takes you to the lanes of Old Delhi. Tandoori Chicken, well cooked in open flames, reminds you of the open kitchens in North-Indian homes. Even though every item is equally delectable, one can’t resist the freshness of soft Phulkas served. The ghee fulkas are made on “Bhatti”; also called the open flame cooking method. One can find butter chicken at every nook and corner, but not the freshly served fulkas. The taste feels like home with every bite relished.

● Rustic Ambience

Finding a raw ambience delivering Dhaba-style food is difficult. But not with Chulha Cauki Da Dhaba. Having six branches in Bengaluru, the restaurant has managed its beauty. The charpoi and moodah seating showcase the desi dhaba ambience. The raw wood ceiling and the wall colours complement the whole aura of the place. The boho-look lanterns with colourful adornments add further beauty. You would find yourself submerged in rustic vibes with a touch of modernity. Apart from the bohemian furnishings, the greenery around mesmerizes one’s view. Also, the large and beautiful planters hint at freshness all over.

● Table Management

The chaos at every good restaurant during weekends is quite familiar. And sometimes it goes so bad that it ruins your mood. But with Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba, the rush is admirably manageable. With an option to reserve your table beforehand, unplanned visits are no less delightful. Even if you have to wait a while, the staff ensures to be at your service. They provide accurate waiting time with frequent progress updates.

● Hygienic Environment

Regardless of how good the food is, a great environment steals the show. And finding a restaurant with both is a win-win situation. Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba is the best restaurant in the HRBR layout for food and cleanliness. You won’t find the used cutlery unattended or tables mismanaged. The atmosphere is cozy, where you will witness the staff with the warmest smile. Even the hygiene standards of their jurisdiction are well established. Also, the fresh aroma of the food delivered speaks volumes of their authenticity.

● Top-Notch Services

Staff at Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba doesn’t leave a chance to make the first impression worthwhile. Greeting all with their heart, they display in-depth knowledge of their menu. Even if you haven’t decided what to taste, they take you down the line to serve the best food. The teamwork at the restaurant is quite visible with every dish presented. One cannot deny that the serving staff is equally aware of the ingredients used, just like the chefs.

● Applaudable Recognition

In this fastest-growing restaurant industry, where it’s challenging to survive, the restaurant has been recently awarded by CBIC, Ministry of Finance, as an honest and prompt payer of GST. They also made it to the ‘ET F&B Leaders 2021, which is an honour in itself. Making Further to Times Hospitality Icons, Bangalore Times, Times of India, and Owler’s Award, the joint is worth-trying time and again.


Enjoy the piping hot Authentic North Indian Food throughout the week with the well-curated menu of one of the best restaurants in HRBR layout. Their commitment to the food served, services, and management makes them the leader in the industry.

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