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10 Famous Foods of Bangalore That You Should Try

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Welcome to Bangalore, where tradition meets modernity – in work, vibes and food. The Silicon Valley of the country serves the most delectable food reveries. Over the past few years, the influx of techies has revolutionized the city’s food industry. Enticing your taste buds, the options around make you a born foodie. No longer restricted to South India, now you can find the best North Indian Food in Bangalore. If you are a newbie here, searching for a weekend hideaway and some famous foods to gallop, read below:

Top 10 Famous Food in Bangalore

1. Idli

A symphony of flavors in every bite, the love for Idli goes to eternity. A South-Indian Staple food, these days, is not restricted to breakfast only. You can have these with coconut chutney and tangy Sāmbhar around the clock. So simple and filling, the hot piping plate has the power to satisfy your soul. Some of the most tried variations of Idli are Thatte Idli (A Plate Sized Idli, around 4 inches in Diameter) and rava Idli (An Invention made out of necessity during World War 2), served with Saagu.

2. Mysore Pak

When it comes to a choice between Indian sweets VS overhyped cakes, you know what’s out. What is a meal without a sweet Indian dish dipped in ghee? Mysore Pak is one of the best foods in Bangalore. Made of Besan (Gram Flour), Sugar, ghee and cardamom, the dish originated in Mysore. Its rich texture, filled with clarified butter, feels surreal and melts in your mouth as soon as you gallop. You can find this Famous food in Bangalore at almost every sweet shop. It’s worth spending every penny with a repeat order.

3. Filter Coffee

Every techie needs a cup of hot coffee to sip in technology. Filter coffee is the type of coffee brewed in the Indian way. For the night owls, who work tirelessly, Filter Coffee is a must-try. Served in a traditional steel cup and Dabara, its aroma makes one’s conscience happy. Made from dark roasted finely grounded coffee beans, the taste stands out. From a health perspective, it reduces the chances of type 2 Diabetes due to antioxidants. This Chikmangalur-originated coffee is not only a famous food in Bangalore, butIndia.

4. Maddur Vada

This mouth-watering snack among the best foods in Bangalore needs no Introduction. A 100-year-old recipe being improvised by a hotelier, is a famous snack. A mix of rice flour, cream of wheat or Rava, all-purpose flour, some onion and spices, it is easy to make. You can have this with evening tea and as an easy-peasy food option for regular travellers. For a proportion of health-conscious people, they can be air-fried and baked as well.

5. Bisi Bele Bath

Also called hot lentil rice, which is unjustifiable, is the most famous food in Bangalore. Comforting and delicious at the same time, the dish is a beautiful compilation of different spices such as red chilly, cinnamon, clove, cumin, methi seeds, vegetables and coriander seeds. It is a dish similar to Sāmbhar rice, the only difference is the masala. This wholesome meal of Karnataka is available at every nook and cranny. You can enjoy this as lunch, or dinner with hot spicy chutney, papad, boondi, and salad.

6. Tandoori Chicken

This non-vegetarian North-Indian dish has made it to the best foods in Bangalore. Spicy and finger-licking, it needs special preparation. The raw chicken is marinated in curd and a mixture of spices. Once the flavours get immersed inside the chicken, it becomes ready to prepare in a tandoor (clay oven). Bangaloreans have been in love with this dish ever since some restaurants have started including it on their menu. The best tandoori chicken in the city is served at Chulha Chauki da Dhaba, which has six different branches. 

7. Biryani

This Iran originated dish made with Basmati Rice, Chicken , vegetables with a blend of spices turns out to be the most aromatic. It is usually prepared by giving Dum (closing tightly with lid) after adding all the required ingredients. The procedure is quite long but the techie Bangalorians are in love with the dish like never before. Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba is the most recommended place to wish list if you are a hardcore Biryani fan. The variations in the dish are endless and is best teamed with Raita (mix of curd and spices and chutney.       

8. Paranthas

For something filling and nutritious at the same time, there can be nothing tastier than Paranthas. This wheat bread with some healthy fillings like Gobi (Cauliflower), Allo (Potato), Pyaj (Onion), and Paneer (Cheese) is a staple North-Indian food. Considered the best food in Bangalore nowadays, it is served with tangy pickle, chutney, and Yogurt. Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba serves the best Paranthas with a great service experience.

9. Baby Corn Manchurian

These immature ears of corn, quite small is size have made it to the best foods in Bangalore. The baby corns are dipped in corn-flour slurry, then fried and finally submerged in the gravy made with onions, capsicum, spices and some sauces. People often crave for this finger-licking starter and when it is served at Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba, it needs no approval.

 10. Dosa

How can we forget Dosa when it comes to the best foods in Bangalore? Having 100 variations today, dosa is the most lightweight and delicious food. Made of rice flour and lentils, it is best served with fresh coconut chutney and Sāmbhar. If you are health conscious, you can have this as plain (Khali Dosa) without any stuffing with Sāmbhar. This dish has made it to almost every restaurant’s menu and hotel’s buffet over time.


The North Indian dishes have undoubtedly taken over the cuisines all over the state. Whether it is hot piping fulka made on open flame teamed with your favorite curry or Paneer Chatpata, you can find everything at Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba. GO and give it a try for the best North Indian food in the area around.

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